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At Gremlin, we understand that choosing a pest control company is a big decision. With over 1000 licensed contractors out there, we take the guess work out of choosing. We understand that this is an investment of both your money and your time and we aim to make your experience using us as easy and as cost effective as possible. We take pest control very seriously. This is a passion for us and we have over 10 years’ experience in the industry. One of the most important things that you as a consumer can do, is be aware of what to consider when choosing a pest control company in Perth. For example, selecting a fully licenced provider is important. Not all pest control companies are licensed and therefore simply unable to provide the level of service and the guarantees that we can. Choosing a licensed pest control service ensures many things including appropriate education and training, relevant certifications and having access to the best and safest products on the market.

Too many times, we hear stories about people trying to treat their own pest problems using products they have bought from the local hardware store. The problem with this is that whilst it may work in the short term, the diluted nature of these products means that your problem will almost certainly return or, get worse. Some pest problems need to be treated both at the site and at the source, with the right dosage of product, distributed at just the right rate. We have an extensive range of products to suit any pests you might have in your home or business. All our products are some of the most environmentally friendly ones available today and we have close relationships with our suppliers ensuring we are as up to date with what is available as we can be. The health and safety of your family are very important to us and we will do everything we can to make sure that your property, and the people and pets on it are kept protected in more ways than one. The main products we use are Biflex and Termidor as they incredibly safe to use both for your family and the environment. We also install Altis reticulated systems for long-term termite protection as its advanced dispersement technology is second to none. All of our products last from 12-18 months except for our gels, which remain effective for 1-2 months.

6 Month Guarentee Image
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We have 2 different methods of treating spiders. If your spiders are only outside, we would do a blanket spray from your back fence

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We treat ants in a similar way to spiders (see above) but if your ant problem is really bad (and by bad we mean that the ants

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With around 6 species of cockroaches in Australia, we find a lot of our calls are about these creepy critters.

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The wasp we find we get called about the most is the “Paper wasp”. These are the wasps that build the honeycomb-like nests

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Because bees are so important to the environment, we have to handle them a little differently. If the colony is able to be removed safely then

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A lot of our spray treatments have the added benefit of killing off other pests as well due to the residue left by some of our products

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If you believe you have a rodent problem, then we are definitely the guys to call. We start with an inspection of your property

Depending on the service we provide you, our work is guaranteed from 6 months to 10 years. In the even that the pest returns within the guaranteed time period, we will come back and retreat your property for free. We are very proud to say, that at this point in time, this is something we have never had to do. We also have a warranty in place that says that if the pest that we treated you for returns within the guaranteed time period and causes damage to your home’s structure or contents, you are covered for up to one million dollars.

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Gremlin Pest and Weed Control consider our termite treatments and protection options, the jewel in our pest control crown. We take so much pride in everything we do but we are particularly proud of our product range and solution options because of their advanced technology, how safe they are to use and of course, because they work!


Is your lawn looking a little worse for wear? Does it have large brown patches? Do you have lots of weeds? Is your grass turning grey?

Quite often, the cause of poor lawn health is pest related. There are lots of critters that get into the soil and drain it of all the nutrients that the grass needs to thrive. The main problems we see are lawn beetle, ants and of course, weeds, all of which are treatable.

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We can blanket spray your lawns with a product that is only going to affect the weeds in it. It is perfectly safe on your lawn

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Lawn beetle is a wretched little bug that can take over your lawn very quickly and because they breed so rapidly, they can cause major

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Ants, specifically coastal brown ants (the guys with the big heads and little bodies) can also make your lawn look worse for wear.

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