Nobody understands the importance of termite protection better than Gremlin! Whilst we cover a range of pest and weed control services, it is our termite protection and prevention services that we are the most proud of.

Our pride in our service comes from the knowledge that we have the best products and systems available on the market today. We use Termidor, one of the safest and most effective products out there as well as Altis Reticulation Systems. With close, personal relationships with our suppliers, we are confident in saying that we offer the most state of the art and effective solutions available.

Every termite plan starts with a site visit where we can assess your needs and requirements. From new builds to existing homes, we can design a termite protection plan to suit you. Your schedule and your time is important to us, so we make sure to be flexible and with 7- day a week contact numbers and 6-day trading times, we’re sure we can find a time to fit in with your busy day.

We supply and install Altis Termite Reticulation Systems. This is state of the art technology that allows for far less invasive methods to be used and therefore cause less disruption to your property. Once the system has been installed, we can fill the system with either a termite treatment product or a termite prevention product. The beauty of this system is it’s ease of use and it’s long-term cost effective nature. Unlike other reticulation systems, Altis use a flexible pipe instead of a rigid one which makes them virtually unbreakable and therefore, a fantastic investment in your protecting your home and it’s precious contents.
If we were treating an active infestation, we would be using Termidor as we have found it to be the best product on the market in terms of safety, efficacy and success rate. Termidor is a superior product for many reasons, the biggest of which is it’s ability to move through the soil. When you are trying to treat an active termite colony, the products’ ability to be dispersed as far as possible is essential for effective treatment. Termidor does just that and because of it’s long-term success and safety level, it really is one of our favourite products.

If we were going to be carrying out a termite protection service, we would defer to our other favourite product, Biflex. It will protect your home and surrounds from possible termites, by creating a barrier around your property that is deadly to termites but completely safe for people and pets. It also provides the longest protection period of any termicide on the market because of it’s ability to stay in the soil despite rainfall or watering the area.

What we do?

All our termite protection plans and treatments start with a full and comprehensive inspection of your property including outdoor spaces, indoor rooms and roof cavities. We like to find out as much as we can about where your termites are nesting as well as if there are any entry points into your home where they might be gaining access. Based on what we find, we will work out an appropriate treatment plan for your situation.

In cases where it is a relatively basic infestation of termites (where there is an external nest only) it would be treated with Termidor spray and then left undisturbed for 2 weeks in order to get the product to the queen. Termites will naturally bring the product back into the nest and eventually, kill it from the inside out. Once the 2 weeks has passed, we come back and reinspect thoroughly again, and if there is still activity in the nest, we retreat the site with a second application of Termidor.

It is a much higher concern if there is termite activity in your home due to the long term damage that termites can do in a relatively short space of time both to your structure and its contents. When we inspect, we will find all the entry points in your house and based on the severity and distribution of your termites, we would decide on the best concentration, volume and areas of application.

The best treatment is always prevention and we at Gremlin specialise in the prevention of termites in both residential and commercial spaces. A lot of customers opt to do this after we have treated them for an active termite infestation but we also urge customers to have their property protected before termites become a problem. We offer can offer termite protection from 1-10 years depending on your needs. After our thorough inspection, we would create a custom termite protection plan for your space and to do that, we need to take into consideration, the type of house that you have.

There are 2 major house types and treatment varies significantly between the two. Either your house will have a concrete “pad” in which case, we need to drill around the perimeter of the pad every 20-30cm depending on the product we are going to use. We take great care to drill only as deep as we need to go so as to avoid interfering with any existing pipes, wiring or service lines. Where there is sand or garden beds around your perimeter, we dig only until we expose the slab. Once that prep work is done we can then start the process of measuring and distributing the appropriate product. Where we have drilled the holes, we insert a rod with 2 exit points on the end of it. This ensures the product evenly distributes to create that impenetrable barrier that we need to keep the termites out. Where we have had to dig down to the slab, we would flood that area with product, pushing the soil over the top as we go to contaminate the soil above the flooded area. Once this is all done, we then cork any holes we’ve had to drill with matching coloured plugs.

The other kind of house that you would have is a sub floor style home where the floor is suspended above the surface of the ground with wood, bricks or metal. In this case, we would get under the floor and we dig around every support structure we find in a similar way to the way we dig out a slab. At this point, we would flood these dug out areas with the required amount of product and backfill them as we go.

We know the codes and requirements of the building industry and every treatment that we carry out is finished with the appropriate industry certificates to complete the job. With 10 years’ experience in the industry, our family-owned company will do our best to impress with our friendly, efficient and budget friendly services.

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